Host an event

Host an event

Make your event memorable by raising funds for the vulnerable in your community.

Below are some suggestions on fundraising ideas.

Pot Luck Parties

Winner Winner, Fundraising Dinner!

Why not host your own potluck party?

It’s simple and easy! Each guest makes a donation to attend, takes part in fun games you have organised or enters their signature dish into a competition. Food and fun; match made in heaven!

Movie Marathon event

Lights, Camera, Action!

Did you ever think fundraising could be as fun as curling on your couch with a bowl of popcorn as you watch your favourite movie? Well, it is! Contributing to ICLC can be as simple as inviting your friends over for a movie – and as you lose yourself in the world of an action-packed adventure, or hilarious comedy, you’ll find yourself making a difference in the real world.

Yoga and Chill

Warrior pose, Vinyasna & Namaste

You can host a yoga workshop in your house, simply follow a video, or make up your own sequence as you go along! Encourage family and friends to stretch and improve their fitness whilst making a big impact – after all, both health and charity begin at home!

Quiz night on Zoom

20 questions???

Have you thought about hosting a Zoom Quiz night? No need to worry about being in the same country or finding a venue – hosting a quiz night via Zoom gives you the freedom to have your event anytime, anywhere!

You could theme your Zoom Quiz night (Game of Thrones trivia, only sports questions), encourage your friends and family to dress up, have teams (Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff) and have a donation penalty (where you can buy your answer). The skies the limit!