Parental Responsibility

  1. 1

    That [Parent 1] and [Parent 2], the parents of the children namely [Child 1] and [Child 2] born [birth date] have equal shared parental responsibility, and for this purpose are to be jointly responsible for making decisions about major long term issues in respect of the Children including but not limited to:

    1. 1.1 The Children's education;
    2. 1.2 The Children's health (excluding minor ailments); and
    3. 1.3 Changes to the Children's living arrangements, which might make it significantly more difficult for the Children to spend time with either parent.
  2. 2

    That for the purposes of making decisions about major long term issues, those decisions must be made:

    1. 2.1 In writing;
    2. 2.2 Carried out in good faith;
    3. 2.3 Child focused;
    4. 2.4 Non-derogatory;
    5. 2.5 Without threat or coercion; and
    6. 2.6 Conducted with the parents attending mediation if no agreement can be reached.
  3. 3

    That the parent with whom the Children are living or spending time with shall have responsibility for making day to day decisions concerning the Children without reference to the other parent.

  4. 4

    That the parents are to keep each other informed of any significant issues concerning the Children while in their care, such as but not limited to, the Children becoming ill or injured or requiring hospitalisation.

  5. 5

    That the parents will inform the other of any medication prescribed for the Children from time to time and provide the medication and appropriate instructions for its administration at the time of any handover or spend time.

  6. 6

    That [Parent 1] is entitled to a copy of the Children's school reports, bulletins or other information from the Children's school relevant to the Children's educational progress.

Spend Time Arrangement

  1. 7

    That the children live with [Parent 2] and spend time with [Parent 1];

    1. a) Every alternate weekend from the end of school on Friday until the commencement of school on Monday or 10am if a non-school day;
    2. b) One afternoon each alternate week from the end of the school day until 6.30pm with [Parent 1] returning the children to [Parents 2's] premises at the end of the visit;
    3. c) Every alternate Christmas from 3pm Christmas Eve until 9am Boxing Day commencing December [year];
    4. d) 5 separate periods a year during school holidays for 7 nights in each period with the pickup and drop off at [place]; and
    5. e) Make-up time for any missed days or overnight time (example: 3 hours make up time owed – [Parent 1] picks the children up from school, takes them on an outing, and returns them in 3 hours).
  2. 8

    That [Parent 1] is entitled on equal occasions, or as otherwise agreed in writing, to attend any school functions or events that require parental participation and if the other parent is not attending, then that other parent is entitled to photographs of such event if photographs are taken;

  3. 9On any other occasion as agreed in writing.


  1. 10

    That [Parent 1] is permitted telephone contact with the Children on Monday evenings between 5pm – 6pm;

  2. 11

    That [Parent 1] is permitted to write to the children and send them reasonable gifts and that [Parent 2] will deliver those letters and gifts as and when they are received;

  3. 12

    That [Parent 2] will disclose all sporting, schooling and extracurricular activities to [Parent 1] and provide schedules where relevant;

  4. 13

    That [Parent 2] will notify [Parent 1] of any occasion in which the children are taken out of the state of NSW or overseas, including who they are with, their contact information and how long they will be away;

  5. 14

    That [Parent 1] is entitled to telephone contact on the Children's birthdays if they are not in their care;

  6. 15

    That [Parent 1] is entitled to telephone contact on Christmas Day if the Children are not in their care;

  7. 16

    That the parents will notify each other about any significant medical and health issues in relation to the Children at the time they arise and provide the other parent with copies of any medical reports prepared in relation to the Children;

  8. 17

    That the parents will consult with each other concerning the children attending birthday parties but that no reasonable request for the Children to attend a party will be declined by the other parent;

  9. 18

    That [Parent 2] is to consult with [Parent 1] about any activities scheduled for the Children on the weekends or at other times when they are to be spending time with [Parent 1], any time missed as a result of scheduled activities will be made up in accordance with part 7(e) of these Orders;

Birth Certificate

  1. 19

    That [Parent 1] is authorised to apply to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages for the State of New South Wales to request that:

    1. • Their name be added to the birth certificates of [Child 1] and [Child 2] as a parent.

  2. 20

    That the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages for the State of New South Wales shall upon such an application of [Parent 1] do all acts and things required to alter the particulars in the register for each child notwithstanding that the consent of [Parent 2] has not been obtained.

NOTING that pursuant to s 60H of the Family Law Act [Parent 1] and [Parent 2] are each the parents of each child.