• Legal advice

    Need legal advice about employment, family, civil or criminal law?

    We provide FREE legal advice for people on low incomes from our catchment area on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

    Give us a call on 9332 1966 to see if you are eligible.

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  • Fair Play

    Fair Play returns to Mardi Gras party in 2020

    Say hello to our Fair Players on Saturday 29 February at the entrance to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras party in the Hordern Pavillion.

    Fair Players will be handing out information about how you can arrange legal advice in relation to drug changes, and a solicitor will be on hand if you need assistance after a police search.

  • Volunteer with us

    Are you a law student or solicitor who would like to volunteer for ICLC?

    We offer daytime shifts and PLT placements to students and evening volunteer roster opportunities to experienced solicitors.

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    To provide innovative, empowering and high quality legal services through advice, representation, education and advocacy.

    Inner City Legal Centre Services include:

    • Free legal advice by appointment on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (telephone advice available for urgent matters)
    • Information & referral services
    • Specialist Transgender legal advice
    • Specialist Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual legal advice
    • Specialist legal advice and court support for LGBTIQ people experiencing or escaping domestic/family violence
    • Specialist Sex workers Legal Service (SLS)
    • Family law advice for people referred from the Sydney City Family Relationships Centre
    • Community legal education sessions, fact  sheets and publications on issues specific to the communities ICLC serves
    • Law reform and campaign work

    Free legal advice for sex worker