Staffing, Funding, Feedback


ICLC employs the following staff:

  • a full-time Centre Director;
  • a full-time Principal Solicitor;
  • a full-time solicitor;
  • two part-time solicitors;
  • part-time admin support; and
  • at any one time we will have around 50 student volunteers and 80 volunteer lawyers on our rosters.


50 – 52 Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross, across the road from Kings Cross Station, next door to the library/community centre. The Centre is well situated to allow maximum access for clients who rely on public transport. The Centre also has a lift for clients with mobility difficulties.

ICLC is extremely appreciative of the support received from the Sydney City Council for its office space.


ICLC also appreciates the operational funding received from the Federal and State Government for the Centre.

For more detailed information about our sources of funding and how it is allocated please see our latest annual report.

Feedback and Complaints

The Inner City Legal Centre (ICLC) is committed to ensuring that anyone using or affected by our services can provide feedback or lodge a complaint about our organisation and have their concerns addressed in ways that ensure fairness, accountability and transparency.


Feedback about ICLC services, staff and volunteers, that is not a complaint, is always welcome. Written feedback should be emailed to or mailed to the following address:

Inner City Legal Centre
PO Box 25, Potts Point
NSW 1335

Alternatively clients or other interested parties should drop in to reception at 50-52 Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross NSW 2011 and ask the student volunteers at the desk to pass on feedback to the Director.


The ICLC will:

  • Consider all complaints received
  • Treat complainants with respect, recognising that the issue of complaint is important to them
  • Keep the complaint confidential
  • Resolve complaints without taking sides
  • Deal with complaints in a timely way
  • Keep complainants informed about the progress of their complaint

If you make a complaint, we will not deny you access to legal services such as legal information, but we will refer you to another community legal centre for advice and/or representation on any matter relating to the complaint. You may choose to receive legal services from another community legal centre or service provider whilst your complaint is being considered.

How do I make a complaint?

You can make a complaint in writing or verbally to the:

  • Principal Solicitor
  • Centre Director, or
  • ICLC Board

Written complaints may be sent to or to the following address:

Centre Director
Inner City Legal Centre
PO Box 25, Potts Point
NSW 1335

Who will handle my complaint?

Who is your complaint about Who will deal with your complaint
A volunteer student or other non-legal volunteer The Centre Director
A staff member (other than the Principal Solicitor) The Centre Director/Principal Solicitor
A volunteer lawyer The Principal Solicitor
The Principal Solicitor The Board and Co-Chairs
The Centre Director The Board and Co-Chairs

How will my complaint be handled?

  • Within 3 days of making a complaint, you will be notified that we have received it and we will inform you about the complaint investigation process.
  • Within 3 weeks of making a complaint, you will be informed via email or letter about what has been done to examine and investigate that complaint. You will be asked what you’d like to see done to resolve your complaint. If there is any delay in processing you complaint, we will inform you of the reasons for this delay and provide a proposed resolution date.
  • Within 4 weeks of making the complaint, a decision will be made or the complaint will be referred to the appropriate decision-maker. You will be informed about the outcome, reasons behind the outcome, and any further action to be taken.