Inner City Legal Centre (ICLC) Volunteer Program

ICLC is committed to the involvement of volunteer lawyers in the provision of legal services to the inner city. ICLC recognises the enormous contribution made by these volunteers who give generously of their time on regular rosters at the Centre.

Volunteer solicitors and barristers

The Centre also has arrangements with law firms and a number of private solicitors and barristers to take on matters on a pro bono basis where possible and where the Centre has insufficient resources to assist.

New volunteers with at least two years experience are invited to attend an orientation session before being placed on the roster. All advice given by volunteer solicitors is covered by the Centre’s Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII). The PII cover is part of the National Community Legal Centre Professional Insurance Scheme which requires that all advice be supervised by a Centre solicitor. Responsibility for the conduct of the Centre’s casework lies with the ICLC Principal Solicitor.

Volunteer lawyers participate in the roster on a monthly basis on either a Tuesday or Wednesday evening. They provide initial advice and referral to clients. Clients are means tested before they are given an appointment to see a volunteer lawyer. Some lawyers chose to volunteer for the LGBTIQ Advice Service.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and have at least two years experience please  download the Volunteer Solicitor Application form/s and email it, along with your resume, to iclc@iclc.org.au .

Volunteer law students

ICLC also utilises the services of volunteer law students. Undergraduate students attend the Centre on a weekly or fortnightly basis and are involved in a range of duties including administration, reception and research activities. Full day student volunteering training is offered three times a year and all volunteers must attend this training before their first shift. Click here to complete the law student volunteer form online

Practical Legal Training (PLT) Placements

ICLC accepts applications from law graduates wishing to complete their Practical Legal Training. The Centre is able to offer an unpaid placement for at least three days per week. Visit this page for details about current vacancies. Preference is given to PLT applicants who have volunteered at ICLC. Students on placement will have the opportunity to interact with clients, work on files and undertake research. It is also expected that students will share in administration and reception tasks and do their own word processing.