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Trans-inclusive training for frontline homelessness workers

The importance of trans-inclusive practice

Trans and gender diverse people face high instances of mental health conditions, social isolation, transphobic discrimination, family rejection or conflict, barriers to communication and housing amongst other social services. The trans and gender diverse community, particularly younger people who are beginning transition, face a number of types of discrimination that put them at risk of homelessness. Whilst Australian data on the trans community is almost non-existent, studies have shown that conditions for transgender youth appear to be the most difficult, with 20 per cent of transgender adults in their 30s reporting having been homeless at some point in their lives.

The Training

It is free!

The training aims to provide frontline homelessness workers with the skills and understanding to support trans and gender diverse people who face homelessness.

It will include 4 sessions throughout the day as well as some workshop activities.

The topics covered include:

  • Trans 101
  • Working with Sistergirls, Brotherboys and Gender Diverse Indigenous people
  • Health and Data
  • Legal Health Check


Madi Day

Madi is a Departmental Administrator and Research Assistant in the Department of Indigenous Studies at Macquarie University. Their research and advocacy work is focused on empowering Gender & Sex Diverse Indigenous peoples and Indigenous Sex Workers. They descend from the Yuin peoples of South Coast, New South Wales and the Gugu-Yalandji people of Far North Queensland.

Hilary Kincaid

Hilary is the Principal Solicitor at the Inner City Legal Centre, and has been involved with the ICLC as a staff member and a volunteer since 2004. Prior to joining ICLC staff in 2013, she practiced in corporations law and building and construction litigation. She was also responsible for the ICLC’s statewide service for transgender young people and their families, and acted for the applicant in the landmark case of Re Kelvin[2017] FamCAFC 258, which removed the mandatory requirement for a court application for trans children to access oestrogen or testosterone.

Imogen Brackin

Imogen is a transgender community advocate, community worker, inclusion educator, speaker, and ‘professional trans’. She works in the community legal sector as an office manager and at the Gender Centre as a youth caseworker. She acknowledges her place as a settler on stolen lands. She is also an AFL player, working with the masculine sporting culture to break down toxic attitudes and behaviours.


Location: Dentons – Level 16/77 Castlereagh St, Sydney. The venue, Dentons, is accessible via elevator.

The training will run for a full day at Monday 18th November, from 9.30am – 4.30pm. Please register at: